Members of MSG are elected to office each year. Exective Board members and MS2, MS3, Combined Degree/Year-Out (CDYO) and MS4 Class Officers are elected in the spring. MS1 Class Officers and Treasurers are elected when their class arrives in the fall. Class Treasurers are elected for a 4 year term. Each Class Board is composed of 2 co-chairs, 1 treasurer, and at least 2 representatives.

Executive Board

President: Yael Nobel, MS4
Executive Vice President: Robert Smith, MS4
Vice President of Communications: Shannon Allport, MS3
Vice President of Finance: Frederick Lin, MS3

MS4 Class Board

Co-Chair: Sara Farber
Co-Chair: Prioty Islam
Treasurer: Amol Agarwal
Representative: Wes Phillips
Representative: Andrea Barberio
Representative: Hana Bakalli
Representative: Marten Basta

CDYO Class Board

Co-Chair: TBD
Co-Chair: TBD
Representative: TBD

MS3 Class Board

Co-Chair: Anastasia Vishnevetsky
Co-Chair: Leah Seifu
Treasurer: Albert Yu
Representative: Neha Limaye
Representative: Kendra Wulczyn
Representative: Miranda Farmer
Representative: Jean Padilla
Representative: Amelia Breyre
Representative: Kelsey Robinson
Representative: Jon Wilen

MS2 Class Board

Co-Chair: Jason Han
Co-Chair: William Bassett
Treasurer: JC Lopez
Representative: Rupak Bhuyan
Representative: George Maliha
Representative: Daniel Gromer
Representative: Deepak Chona
Representative: Pratyusha Yalamanchi
Representative: Arka Mallela

MS1 Class Board

Co-Chair: TBD
Co-Chair: TBD
Treasurer: TBD
Representative: TBD

GAPSA Representatives

Representative: Krishna Vijayendra, MS4