Payment Request Form

You must first select which type of request you’d like to file. You may create:

An MSG Purchase Order Request: Use this if you are requesting goods/services from a Penn approved vendor. So that the purchase order may be processed in time, this form must be submitted a minimum of 4 business days before the event. The PO process is as follows:
  1. The student calls the vendor, gives them the order and requests a quote, letting the vendor know it will be paid through a purchase order.
  2. The students puts in the PO request via this form using the dollar amount the vendor gave them. Once submitted the student will also receive a confirmation by e-mail.
  3. Once the PO is approved, Nancy O’Reilly will create a PO requisition online and email the student the PO number that is generated in the system.
  4. The PO is automatically faxed by Penn’s Purchasing department to the vendor.
  5. The vender automatically sends the invoice to Penn’s Accounts Payable department for payment.


An MSG Reimbursement Request: Use this form if you chose not to use a Penn approved vendor. It will take 4-6 weeks for you to receive a reimbursement check. For reimbursements greater than $25, you must submit an itemized receipt and list of people who attended the event using the online Concur system.

  • The majority of MSG reimbursements need to be processed through the online system, Concur.  Once your reimbursement request has been approved by the MSG Treasurer, please email Nancy O’Reilly,, the following information for you to be activated in the system:
    • Your full name
    • Your Penn ID number
    • Your current local address
  • Activation takes approximately 5 days.  Once this time period passes, please contact Nancy O’Reilly for further assistance.
  • Petty cash, which is $25 or less, will continue to be processed through hard copies.  Once your petty cash reimbursement request is approved, please bring all original receipts, including the itemized receipt; and, where appropriate – the receipt indicating a tip, to Nancy O’Reilly in Suite 100 for processing.


An Office of Student Affairs House Purchase Order Request: Use this form if you are submitting a request for a House event. The PO request goes through the same process as for Student Groups.


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